Stitches to Treasure is a home for the dedicated vintage floral fans out there.

Here you’ll find a floral overload, vintage fabrics galore and a collection of truly unique clothing and accessories which I make from upcycled vintage fabrics.

If you love vintage fabrics and bold floral prints you’ll feel right at home here. On the blog you’ll find my recent makes and some simple tutorials on how to upcycle your own stash of floral fabrics.

Every month I also share my vintage fabrics finds, if you fancy having a cuppa and cooing over some vintage florals then here’s your chance.


How did this all start?

After hoarding up quite a collection of vintage floral fabrics and home-sewn goodies, I thought it high time I shared them with the world – and so Stitches to Treasure was born.

I learned to sew from a young age on a vintage singer sewing machine – wish I still had that thing! Since then I’ve continued my quest to ‘make rather than buy’ through trial and error, various courses …and a bit more trial and error. Now I’m on a mission to sew my own wardrobe from thrifted fabrics.

I love making things that have story and character which is why I work soley with vintage fabrics. It also means everything I make is truly unique. There’s nothing better than having a wardrobe full of clothing that’s one of a kind. No more turning up to weddings in the same outfit as the bridesmaids!

Need some inspiration yourself? You can find lots of floral fancies on my pinterest boards.

I started Stitches to Treasure as a virtual diary of my makes. Now, after lots of comments and suggestions from friends and family I also offer day sewing workshops in Hampshire. I love sharing my knowledge and seeing people pick up new skills, if it sounds like your cup of tea, check out my upcoming workshops.


And finally…a few of my favourite things, just because

Vintage florals (duh),       cups of tea,    the great outdoors,         cosy fires,   hazy summer days,       flea market shopping,   instagram,     my two doggies (woof),    sleeping Zzzz,    pub lunches next to a roaring fire (hence the pub-dedicated Pinterest board)…

Love the above? Come say hi on Instagram and join me for a floral fan fest!

Vintage fabric shopping at a brocante in France | Stitches to Treasure